What People Say...


"My first exposure to Pilates was approximately four years ago when I was in my early sixties.  At the urging of a neighbor who raved about Julie’s abilities, I signed up for a private workout session with her.  Since then, I have seen Julie on a regular basis.  Because of Pilates, my energy level, posture, strength, coordination, and balance have improved.  I feel better and am much more flexible.  My family and friends have noticed the difference.  I have to credit Julie for getting me hooked on Pilates. 

Julie is the perfect Pilates instructor – very knowledgeable, patient, and kind.  Her instructions are precise and clear.  I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with her and am always surprised at how quickly the time passes.  Julie has shown a great ability to assess my needs and to structure a beneficial workout.  Initially, given my age, I was unsure whether Pilates would work for me.  I now believe it is as terrific an exercise program for older adults, as it is for other age groups.   I get a great workout without the joint pain I had with other activities.”     Kathy C

"I was in pain for twenty years.  A slipped disc in the lumbar spine and pinched nerves in the cervical spine caused muscle and nerve damage.  Years of physical therapy and a cervical spine fusion didn’t help.  

One year of carefully tailored and monitored Pilates with Julie and I am pain free.  Now I can lift, run and play with my granddaughter.  Julie gave me back my life.”    Alison

"Because of the benefits I have gained from my Pilates workouts with Julie, I recently started seeing her for Feldenkrais sessions.  After a few sessions, I am amazed at how much I have learned about how my body moves and, stemming from that awareness, how much easier movement can be.  I find myself walking home from each session with a bounce in my step.”     Kathy C   

“Don’t miss Julie Lively’s ATM classes and her Feldenkrais work.  This modality and way of working with the body uniquely impacts deeply ingrained somatic patterns of tension and rigidity.  Her work gently helps the body achieve small but powerful changes toward ease, relaxation and elimination of pain.  Julie’s kind and powerful presence is just an added bonus.”     Wanda

"Feldenkrais has helped me with shoulder and back issues.  Julie has been able to help me change muscle group patterns that affect my posture and my gait and patterns of skeletal movement.  I had tried many ways to get rid of a hitch in my tennis serve, but Julie, who has never picked up a racket, was able to communicate to me how to focus on the movement of the chest and successfully visualize how to remove the hitch.  The beauty of Feldenkrais is that it promotes awareness of what the body is doing, and this is the path to changing patterns of movement that are causing pain.”   Jeep